Announcement on Ormeus Coin Swap (3)
by TWP Team 2019-03-08

Dear customers,


TWP-EX has completed multiple updates related to ORME swap.


The old address for Ormeus coins has been updated to a new address. 


Security-related updates, technical details and codes of Ormeus coins have also been changed, so deposits will not be reflected if you send Ormeus coins from other exchanges to TWP.


TWP will start new Ormeus Coin Swap next week to members who have completed KYC authentication, and it will be processed according to the exact number of Ormeus coins held by TWP members.


Please note that the swap will be suspended for non-KYC members.

The Ormeus coin swap will be processed safely without issues.

We thank you for your cooperation.

TWP-EX team.