Announcement on Ormeus Coin Swap(1)
by TWP Team 2019-03-04

Announcement on Ormeus Coin Swap (1)

TWP-EX technology teams are currently working on Ormeus Coin Swap, including Ormeus coin registration, update of KYC authentication, and other related operations.

Deposit, withdrawal and trading of ORME will not be available for a  certain period for the coin swap.

Also, please do not deposit ORME coins during this period as the existing ORME wallet address will be changed to a new one.

Period: 02/26 10:00AM Hong Kong Time ~ until coin swap completed

TWP-EX will open a KYC authentication page for Omeus Coin next week, with the new Omeus Coin listed.

The coin swap of ORME possessed by TWP-EX members will be processed smoothly.

We will notify you of the details of the Omeus coin swap again next week.

TWP Team