Announcement on Ormeus Coin Swap(2)
by TWP Team 2019-02-22

Announcement on Ormeus Coin Swap (2)

TWP-EX has prepared several updates regarding ORME swap and
we are pleased to announce that the process has been mostly smooth.

Due to security-related updates and additional technical work,
we are a little behind schedule than we originally planned. 

However, the preparation for KYC authentication is being completed,
and TWP will begin KYC authentication on the following date and time:


March 4th 2019 3PM Hong Kong TIME ~ Until swap completed


To apply for TWP KYC authentication,
log in and download the guide document from the User Guide of Support Category.

Members who are approved will be given a new Omeus coin address.

Additionally, the swap will be made according to the number of Omeus coins that members hold.

Please note that Omeus coin swap will be suspended for non-KYC members.

Members who have completed KYC authentication and
Omeus coin swap will be able to deposit, withdraw, and trade ORME from TWP-EX.

The Omeus coin swap will be processed safely without issues.

TWP team.